Matsuya building group - we have wide variet of rental offices and apartments especially for small to middle size enterprises in greater Osaka.

Matsuya bldg. rental offices

Refreshing room

We have around 1000 tenants at our Matsuya building. You can advertise your company to all of them!

No need to apply or register!
There are some bulletin boards or place to put your brochures, so you can advertise your merchandise!
Also, you can put your AD's in other Matsuya building,too!

No. 7 Matsuya Building Refreshing Room

No. 10 Matsuya Building Refreshing Room

  • Business meeting corner

    This is a meeting corner.
    Please feel free to eat a snack, etc.
    We ask you to clean up afterwards.

  • Merchandise advertisement corner

    This is a AD corner for your products or services.
    There are racks to place your A4 size brochures.
    We ask one place for each company.

  • Company Info. Corner

    This is a cork board for your company's information. Please place them onto the board.
    As a general rule, the maximum size will be A4.

  • Sample corner

    This is a sample corner.
    You can put actual samples or boxes,etc.
    Or simply just place the photos.

  • Smoking corner

    Please smoke at the smoking corner.
    We ask you to clean up afterwards.

In some buildings are not available. We ask for your understanding.

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