Matsuya building group - we have wide variet of rental offices and apartments especially for small to middle size enterprises in greater Osaka.

Matsuya bldg. rental offices

Features of Matsuya Bldg. offices

  • Ready to use the internet - indispensable for your business

    • Only for Matsuya building tenants
      Our related provider company will support the settings.
    • Free-of-charge helping system for any PC related troubles (repairs, settings,etc.) at the initial setting and we will also help you afterwards.
  • Only for Matsuya bldg.

    • We have variety of sizes for your office.
      Facing the big avenue very easy to find
    • If your company decide to move to a bigger office within our company's buildings, we will not charge for an additional deposit fee or double booking. So you can move in smoothly to a new office.

  • Abundant services

    • Low-price, feeling at ease security surveillance in each room 1,575 yen a month (With tax)
    • Free-of-charge cleaning service for the air-conditioning filters.
    • We have wide variety of free-of-charge rental goods such as White boards, Check writers, Laminators, TEPURA's (title sticker maker) Drills, Cutters,etc., as well as Bicycles, Vacuum cleaners, Roombas (cleaning robot) and any other tools.
  • Fully equipped facilities

    • Each building Cell phone antenna installed strong> Great cell phone recipience

    • We also have a "Refreshing room" to use for business meeting or to have a coffee, etc. (Smoking section is separated )